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retro baby clothes

Retro Baby Clothes - Vintage Clothes for Children

How many of us have been looking for some retro baby clothes or retro children clothes for a long time?

Some of us are just romantic and remember the 60s style as one of the most gorgeous styles from the last century. We remember the flower curtains from our grandparents and the warm carpet colours from the movies and really want to have some of it at home. 

Our clothes and our clothing style is something that defines us and our personalities. Our children are part of our design for the future and the way the dress reflects a lot the way we dress ourselves and the way we see the world.

If you have watched videos about Woodstock and the people attending the festival, you have very present the happy go lucky style in their balloon pants, the hippie flower dresses and blouses, their beautiful and big hair bandanas or the pointed hoodie sweaters people were wearing at the festival.

In those years, clothing colours were warm, including yellows, browns, oranges and reds in all variations. Dresses displayed big flowers and other motifs representing nature in its splendor. 


After the tight fifties, parents wanted their children to be able to relax in their own outfits and they wanted children to be able to express themselves. Girls starting wearing pants regularly and retro baby girl clothes included wide leg pants and loose dresses with feathers and belts, as well as girl bandanas. Check our selection for retro baby girl clothes and you will feel like swimming back into the 60s.


Fashion for baby boys didn´t stay behind at all in the 60s, and retro baby boy clothes display a variety of warm colours as well as wide leg pants, flower power blouses and striped shorts inspired by French sailor life.


Having history in mind, in AlbaofDenmark we are focused on designing retro baby clothes with the same old hippie spirit, but including new concepts such as organic materials and sustainability. This means our clothes are made from sustainable materials and recycled fabrics in many cases. At AlbaofDenmark it is important for us that the retro baby clothes you purchase have a long life, just as clothes did 70 years ago. AlbaofDenmark also represent  Scandinavian Children clothes.

Therefore you will be able to enjoy long lasting pieces with the most gorgeous design and with buttons and stretchers that will allow your retro baby clothes to be used by more than just one kid. What´s not to like?

Remember to browse through our catalog in order to find the full retro baby clothes range we offer with our brand.


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