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My first handmade Crawlers

My first handmade Crawlers

On July 4, 2006, I became the mother of our first daughter, Alberte.

I studied at Aarhus School of Architecture where I was trained in thinking from whole to detail.

Each semester, I was challenged to study and test new theories, materials, and structures.

Alba Of Denmark was born when Alberte was born.

She became my next semester where new techniques I had never tried before had to be tried out.

I was completely in love with Crawlers or overalls.

crawlers and overall for children in retro organic cotton

I thought Alberte was the cutest baby in my mother's home-knitted, striped Crawlers/overalls.

I had a brand new sewing machine from Netto, and I bought fabric in our small local fabric store. Buttons and fabric for pockets were the hardest choices...

I had never sewn before and have always been too lazy for the big preparation, so I laid the fabric on the floor and started cutting.

My great-grandmother was a seamstress, maybe I had the creative sewing skills from her.

At least I did manage to sew something together that Alberte could fit.

However, the braces fell off the shoulders so I decided to put a "string" over the chest to hold them in place.

I also made a stitch at the bottom so they could be used for a long time, mostly because I loved the detail with the patterned fabric that came out!

I had no idea that my first sewing project would be my trademark in my own business for many years after.

All my 4 girls grew up in crawlers or overalls, in all possible and impossible versions! Overalls with balloon legs, crawlers with big and wide legs, crawlers with zippers in the front;  overalls with 2 and even tree buttons, as I loved them to be as flexible as possible, ( the girls did grow so fast )


Crawlers with a long rib at the end of the legs, they must be the version closest to my Happy Crawlers, that you find in all my collections.

And many more versions was created and will be created. I myself have been most fond of those with wide legs as I love the flower, power, retro look, especially the ones with flower fabrics at the bottom of the legs...

Come and join our Albaofdenmark community and you will be part of our project made from the heart.

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