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Scandinavian Children Clothes: Sustainable fashion from Denmark

Scandinavian Children Clothes: Sustainable fashion from Denmark

Once upon a time, Majken, the owner of AlbaofDenmark, had a dream: she wanted to create a sustainable fashion brand with retro designs for kids all around the world. 

She dreamed of her own childhood in flower power blouses and bell pants, with vintage colours and motifs and started creating clothes inspired by her own children in Denmark.

It is well known that Danish fashion brands are famous around the world, due to quality, sustainability, style and the most gorgeous designs. Scandinavian children clothes in general are very popular and in the case of AlbaofDenmark, the clothes are also made of organic cotton and partially from recycled materials.

For us it is important to be part of the Scandinavian children clothes community and also designing locally for our global family. Our fashion standards are the highest and we only produce in responsible factories where workers are treated and paid fairly. We want to bring our Scandinavian standards to all the chains of the production line.

Scandinavian children clothes: where do this trend come from?

In Northern Europe winters are long and day light is short during those periods. This situation has historically provoked people to stay inside at home much in the winter time. Therefore the interior of the house has always been the heart of a Danish family.

You will probably know already all the famous Danish furniture and lighting designers such as Verner Panton, Poul Henningsen or Arne Jacobsen; from very early in the 19th century, they designed light and shapes that would change the world design history and make furniture serve the person and not the contrary.

We can say the same has happened with clothes, especially with Scandinavian children clothes.

Danish brands want to bring design to serve the person and not the opposite.

A Danish fashion brand for children will never sacrifice confort to design. That is why our clothes are made for playing, for running and for stretching. We believe children should be able to move and play and learn as much as they want.

And we don´t want to sacrifice comfort for the sake of design.

scandinavian children clothesScandinavian children clothes are usually made from soft and high quality organic materials and are fit for all occasions, from a casual evening with friends to a family wedding in the country side. The stifness of materials is long forgotten in our culture and our children enjoy being both comfortable and well dressed. 

This is in our opinion one of the keys to understanding Scandinavian children clothes and Danish design.

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