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The world right now needs us to be much more mindful and conscious of our consumer decisions. For me, sustainability refers to an environmental and ethical standard. Essentially, sustainability means acknowledging that the world’s resources are finite. However sustainability means more than ‘saving the planet’, it also suggests human life can flourish too but only if we strike a balance.




Sustainable kid’s clothes are clothes that are made without harming the environment. Furthermore, the resources used, such as cotton, linen, hemp, silk and wool are all sustainable resources as opposed to synthetic products like nylon and polyester which rely on finite resources such as petroleum for their production.

As a sustainable Children’s clothing brand, Alba of Denmark is committed to making the world a better place for children in every aspect they can. Choosing from high quality materials (and production facilities with proper conditions for their employees) as well as producing from organic fabrics, most being  Oeko-Tex certified. Fair trade, ethical, eco-friendly and even up-cycled- Alba of Denmark tick all the boxes.


Here’s a few simple, easy and helpful ways to shop with a more mindful and sustainable approach;


  • Size up 1-2 sizes

One of the easiest things that you can do to help your child’s clothes have a longer and happier life is to have them worn as much as possible!

One easy way to do this is by sizing up 1-2 sizes, depending on your child. I personally size up 2 sizes for the girls and it has worked beautifully. This year we’ve only had to purchase 2 pairs of pants and 2 extra sweatshirts for the chilly weather. By sizing up, I saved a significant amount of money too.
While my girls currently fit in a size 4T, I only shop for 6T. I do the simple roll-up method, and it works like a charm. From day one Majken has designed her collections to last a long time, incorporating long ribs in the end of the legs and sleeves that fold up, so the child can grow into the clothes over time; the extra buttons also allow for further adjustments too.

  • Pass it on and shop pre-loved

One of the most sustainable and eco-friendly things that you can do as a consumer of children’s fashion is to shop second-hand to help the clothes reach the end of their life cycles. A goal in our household is to use and wear these materials as many times as possible before recycling or upcycling. We are talking about sustainability here and let’s be really honest, nothing is more sustainable than what has already been made.

Within a noticeably short time, Alba of Denmark saw an increase in Social Media groups inviting them into a world of reusability. Here we still see some of Majken’s first homemade creations being sold again and again. This is actually one of the things that really makes Majken the most happy -seeing clothes being used for, and passed on to 4 and 5 children.

  • Learn to mend, repair, up-cycle and re-design

One of the best ways to help to reduce waste in your very own home is to learn just a few simple tricks of the trade. This can be as simple as learning how to sew, hem, patch, and upcycle old clothes.

Majken still loves to spend hours behind her sewing machine in her spare time. When they see that they have some “slow movers” from old seasons, Majken brings them back to life again, by redesigning them for the next collection. Long leg pants become shorts for the summer, long sleeve T-shirts become short sleeves, dresses might turn into skirts etc. With a creative mind, the inspirations for new ideas are never ending.  

Upcycling is one of Alba’s new focuses. The newest thing they would LOVE to implement in their upcoming collections is up-cycling cotton. With this in mind, they aim to collect old clothes and turn them into our lovely kids’ collections.

Each year, Alba launches two collections, which are thoughtfully designed and planned out to the last detail by creator Majken. The fabric used for the collections is specifically made for and solely used by Alba, making their fabrics unique and special. Therefore, it is of importance for them to use every last of the thread, as some fabric is always left over after the collection production has been completed. Majken makes sure to never waste any fabrics let alone burn or throw them away. This is how the special lady collections came alive – turning left over material into dresses, skirts and T-shirts in limited amounts.

  • Shop for the essentials    

Essentials include t-shirts, long sleeves, sweaters, zip-ups, leggings, dungarees as well as any imperative weather gear for where you are living. Shopping for essentials with Alba, means mot having to compromise on beautiful, colourful patterns and unique designs with a hint of retro paired with the elegance of modern fashion.

  • Wash and wear with care

Looking after your clothes is the best way to ensure that they will last as long as possible. You can also make a point of washing your clothes inside out with eco-laundry powders and detergents according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer, paying particular attention to water temperature and drying instructions. Air-dry your clothes as often as possible, as tumble-drying has been proven to shorten the lifespan of most fabrics.

  • Shop slow fashion

The key to selecting a garment that will last is learning to distinguish good garment construction from bad. A badly constructed garment is indicative of the kind of low-wage high-speed construction that has become synonymous with fast fashion. When choosing a garment, look for tell-tale signs like mismatching patterns at the seams, loose threads and unevenly stitched hems - these will tell you which garments to avoid if you want your clothes to last for more than a few wears.

Alba believes in slow fashion and that clothes should not run out of style. Kids should be kids, they are born curious and to play, run and climb outside in nature, which is highly promoted through their designs. Alba are passionate about making clothes that are comfortable, flexible, colourful, childish and made to play.

Majken often talks about how her vintage and retro designs are inspired by her childhood and how important the choice of the colours is. With the different seasons and everchanging fashion the colours adapt, but always remain happy and warm and in favour of the children.

Alba believes in slow fashion and that clothes should not run out of style. Kids should be kids, they are born curious and to play, run and climb outside in nature, which is highly promoted through their designs.

One brand alone may not be able to change the tide of fast fashion, but by spreading awareness and implementing innovative solutions, we can normalise the idea that clothes are made to be worn over the course of multiple seasons and then passed on to multiple wearers, not simply thrown out after each season- in other words, we need to prioritise longevity. Alba of Denmark is committed to tackling sustainability in fashion, which is at the heart of their ethos. Alba has a variety to offer, so it never gets boring! Handmade - high quality products for those who desire even more uniqueness. One Of A Kind - handpicked sets that stand for sustainability, style and are a No Waste concept, focusing on producing clothes, that will be loved by more than one child in its lifetime, promoting the Reuse, Repurpose and Upcycle movement. For more information about their mission or to browse their collection of beautifully made children’s clothing, please visit https://albaofdenmark.dk/pages/alba-commitment

Unicorns are real and dreams do come true

Dancing on rainbows of red, yellow, pink, green, purple, orange and blue

Majestic, valiant, graceful with hearts of pure gold

Powerful, glorious, enchanting a mystery to behold

In sacred forests, flower fields and in the heavens afar

Sprinkling magic, love, light, hope, happiness and abundant laughter

Playful, innocent, wild and free

Untamed and spirited reminding us of what we can be

On playgrounds where anything can happen and pirate ships sail in sand

Where rockets reach for the moon, there’s nothing at all too grand

Unicorns are real if only you have eyes to see

Anything is possible for you and for me

Written by Toni Louise Campbell

Hello I am Toni. Mama to 10 year old Stormy and 4 year old twins Lettie and Flossie. I love kids! So much so that I choose to hang out with them every day at school- I am a primary school teacher by profession in case you didn’t guess. I also run my own ballet school. Ballet is in my bones and dancing and passing on my love for it to my students makes me feel truly alive. Children are our future and I feel honoured and privileged to play a small role in shaping their futures.


I find joy in the little things in life such as sitting alone in the bathroom with the door locked eating Nutella, spontaneously bursting into a choreographed song and dance number, a hot cup of coffee, laughing until I cry, silence- that’s a real rarity these days, watching the sun paint the sky of a late afternoon, wandering among the wildflowers, following rainbows and chasing thunderstorms.


I want to live in a world where kindness, peace, grace, generosity and love falls from the sky like rain, a world where laundry washes, hangs and folds itself and parents get to wear the superhero costumes they’ve already earned!

Big love

Toni xx


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