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Sustainable Blog

  • My first handmade Crawlers

    My first handmade Crawlers

    On July 4, 2006, I became the mother of our first daughter, Alberte. I studied at Aarhus School of Architecture where I was trained in thinking from whole to detail....
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  • scandinavian baby clothes

    Let's talk sustainable fashion!

    MAY 4. 2022 | BY TONI LOUISE CAMPBELL LET’S TALK SUSTAINABLE CLOTHING BRANDS FOR CHILDREN! Sustainable clothes: The world right now needs us to be much more mindful and conscious...
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  • scandinavian children in nature

    Wondering How To Make Your Lunch Boxes Sustainable? Read This!

    Being the owner of a gundog and two boys aged 8 and 5.5, all with energy levels that can be described as ‘intense’ means our weekends are rarely spent in the house slobbing around in our pyjamas (how I miss those days…).
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  • scandinavian children clothing

    Can a big family be sustainable?

    It may be unusual in this day and age to break through the 2.4 children barrier but we are proud members a club dwindling in numbers - the large family club. My name is Jayne and I have five children ranging in age from 4 to 16.
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  • children wearing alba of denmark organic sets

    Holidays in Nature

    When you think about holidays in nature, you think about the forest. The forest is actually our second home, and that is, where our heart is....
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  • <b>Bedtime story (No.2)</b>

    Bedtime story (No.2)

    Once upon a time there was a tree that lived in a big forest. The tree was very, very tall and her leaves spread far and wide...
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  • <b>Bedtime Story (No.1)</b>

    Bedtime Story (No.1)

    1 kommentar
    Once upon a time there was a little bear who lived in a large field full of the most beautiful flowers. But in the fall the flowers were fading away and when the snow came all were gone...
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  • <b>A Quick Guide to Sustainable Gardening</b>

    A Quick Guide to Sustainable Gardening

    1 kommentar
    Gardening for me is a great way to relax and forget about the worries of everyday life. I have loved messing around with seeds and dirt for many years now but recently I have started to think... Wouldn't it be great if there was a way of doing more eco-friendly and sustainable gardening?
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