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<b>Bedtime story (No.2)</b>

Bedtime story (No.2)

JUN 30 2021 | BY JAYNE & NANCY

Bedtime Story

Jayne and Nancy aged 6

Nancy is one of five children living in Newcastle, North East England. She loves playing with her brothers & sisters and making up stories.

As a family we like to get out and about and are lucky enough to live near to beautiful beaches and countryside.

Nancy also likes helping out at the allotment and was very proud of the fantastic carrots that she grew last year.

The Lonely Tree

Once upon a time there was a tree that lived in a big forest. 

The tree was very, very tall and her leaves spread far and wide. 

She lived on a little hill in a clearing next to a stream and there were no other trees nearby. 

The tree was lonely. 

The tree tried to talk to the fish in the stream but they just swam past. 

The tree tried to talk to the otters playing in the water but they were too busy splashing around. 

The tree tried to talk to the frogs but they just croaked and hopped off. 

The tree tried to talk to the beavers but they were too busy building their homes. 

Then one day a bird flew by. 

It was heading deeper into the forest not noticing the large lonely tree in the clearing. 

The tree watched as the bird flew from branch to branch on lots of different trees. She thought it was funny. 

Suddenly the bird landed on one of the tallest branches of the tree!

The tree said “Hello”

The bird said “Hello”

The bird said it was looking for a home to build a nest and thought that she was perfect. 

The bird asked if she could stay. The tree excitedly said “yes!”

The tree and the bird became good friends and the tree was never lonely again




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