Autumn Winter 2021


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🪴 "Winter Orangeries - Joyful Moments in our Greenhouse" 🪴

My grandparents had the most amazing gardenhouse/orangery. They grow flowers, vegetables, condiments. There was always a lovely smell from lavender in the garden house. 💜
I remember how we picked it all and went to their gas oven to prepare the most perfect meal! When I've started the design of AW21 my memory came across some of those moments I had with them at the countryside. I think this must be why I love flowers so much....
The colors of the flowers, the colors of the vegetables.
Loved running my fingers over all the small structures and feeling all the different surfaces. Some are smooth, some are rough. I especially remember how I with small scissors ✂️ cut the “hair” from the yellow corn.🌽 All the small hidden seeds inside the flowers… When picking the fabrics, the feeling of the surface is so important. When choosing the colors it reminds me of nature. Magnolia must be my favorite flower 🌺 Beetroot must be my favorite vegetable, yellow is my favorite color and lavender my favorite smell.
All a big thanks to my grandparents that introduce me into this coluorful universe called nature, all captured in their little orangery.
All now lovely childhood memories...