spoiled MOMents

spoiled MOMents


❤️  spoiled MOMents  ❤️ 

I belive that we as MOMs often think of our kids first. Some days we deserve to spoil our self. This is why I came up with this idea to make spoiled MOMents days. 

In this collection you will find. Skirts, tops and bottoms, dresses and lots more I have sewn my self. They are primary made from left over fabrics. Some fabrics are might found in a second hand shop. In common for them all is that they are all made from love to love ❤️ 

In this category you will also find unique and beautiful items, that are either samples and come with minor mistakes, or they are unique products that where never put in production. The items are so lovely though and I believe in zero waste. NO fashion and SLOW fashion.